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T.G.I.F.! - Still Waiting...

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May 13th, 2005

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06:53 pm - T.G.I.F.!
Last weekend was fun... on Friday I hung out with Dave, Rickie, and Sara. We went to Circuit City so Rickie could buy another PSP cuz his first one had shit under the screen... he went through about 4 or 5 cuz he wanted a perfect one, so we stood there for about 25 min, annoyin the shit outta the workers, lol. It was so embarassing. Then after Steve got off work, we walked around and went to a park. Wayyy back in July or something we put these 95.5 stickers on some swings at the park, and I found one of them still on a swing. It was so weird.

That night I felt a sore throat coming on.. Saturday night we hung out until 11 or something, and I had to come home and clean my hamster's cage, wrap mother's day presents, and fill out some cards for my mom and g-ma. I was so tired and felt really sick. Sunday was nice cuz my aunt came over and we all went out 2 eat and stuff. I told my parents I didn't wanna go 2 school on monday cuz I felt like shit, so she said she'd ask me monday morning how I felt, and if I felt bad I didn't hafta go. So ya... I ended up not going that day. I was gonna go back Tuesday but when I woke up, my whole body was sore, and I had a huge migraine, so I stayed home that day 2. I was so lucky because I hardly missed any work. The only thing I had to make up was some math lessons, and mr F said that he doesn't really care when I turn them in, so I'll work on them this weekend cuz I have no other homework.

We have severe thunderstorm warnings or something until 11. That is so sweet, cuz I love rain, and especially storms. It's so relaxing to me. Alot of ppl hate cloudy rainy days cuz they say they feel down or something, but I really like them alot. It makes me feel comfortable. At like a quarter after 3 today it was sunny, then got dark and started pouring so hard. That lasted for like 5 minutes then got all sunny again. It was strange...

I almost forgot it's Friday the 13th! No one at school mentioned it or anything, but on channel 27 or something they have the Friday the 13th movies on like all day... I've never been real interested in horny teenagers fucking each other, and then getting slaughtered by a dude in a hockey mask... cuz I'm usually rootin 4 Jason 2 kill there stupid asses. O well, that's just me!
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Say Anything-Good Charlotte

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