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Spring Time - Still Waiting...

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April 2nd, 2005

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08:37 pm - Spring Time
Winter is finally over... or is it? The weather was nice up until today, and we were actually supposed to get some light snow in the morning, which is sick. I'm glad winter is over cuz I'm getting sick of all the cold and gloomy weather. I can't believe Spring Break is almost over... I didn't do much, I did alot of sleepin and shoppin, the two things I'm best at. I gotta lil hamster 2 days ago.. and he is so cute. He's like the size of my thumb. So that's been keepin me busy.

I need to finish my math homework b4 school starts. I have some math, but I don't even remember what we were doing its been so long, lol. I'll prolly end up doin it 2night cuz I hate doing homework on Sundays. We have to write a stupid Chem paper.. the rough draft is due Fridaiy, and so far I have just printed some stuff about my topic.. I don't even care. I'm in A.P. English, so a lame Chem paper should be easy. Don't even get me started with A.P. I hate that class so much, and our teacher is so pissed off because hardly no1 is takin the A.P. test... and I'm not takin it either. I refuse to stress myself out taking a 4 hour test, and not 2 mention waste over 80 bucks, on something that I don't even feel prepared for.

School is such a pain in the ass... and it's not really school that's the problem... It's havin to go 2 bed early and wake up early. I'm not a mornin person at all... I wish we had the option to like sleep durin the day, and go 2 school at like 4 or 5, lol. That would be sweet. O well, we'll be graduatin in a little over a year from now... hell ya! I can't wait to get the hell outta that school. And all the construction makes it even more annoyin.

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