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Weekend - Still Waiting...

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May 23rd, 2005

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09:33 pm - Weekend
Saturday morning, I was fighting with my mom, as usual. I was drying my hair, when Kevin called, and my mom was like, I'll have her call u back. When I found that out, I got pissed cuz I figured it would b impposible to get ahold of him, but I called him on Shane's cell and talked to him. I picked him up like 25 min later, and we went and saw Million Dollar Baby. It was a really good movie, and it was so sad.

After that, we went to Olga's and ate... like old times I guess you could say. Thing's were really different, but I was glad I could atleast talk to him or think about him w/o feeling like complete shit.

After that, we went and met Steve, Sara, Jenny and Arno at the Relay for Life in Taylor. We listened to some 45 year old lady sing Gwen Stefani songs, and butcher them. Arno started throwing around Kermit, and this golden retriever picked up him and started running around with him, it was so funny. We went to the park for awhile, then Jenny had 2 be home, so Steve took Jenny and Arno home, and I took Kevin home... I was surprised that he spent over 5 hours w/ me.

After that, I drove Sara and Steve around, and we took advantage of the fact that Sara is now 18... even tho her ID didn't get checked 4 anything... She then ditched us 4 John, so me and Steve went 2 his house...

His dad wasn't home, so I told him 2 get his dad's Captain Morghan, and do some shots. I did about 2 big shots, when all of a sudden Steve freaks out and goes "OMG MY DAD IS HOME" so he hurried up and put the lid on and ran upstairs, and I rinsed out the glass. That stuff tasted like complete trash by the way...

After that, we just walked around and stuff til like 10:30... It was a pretty nice day, and I was so tired from bein outside and walkin around all day.
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Current Music: We Belong Together-Mariah Carey

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